Our Certificates

We prove our services with our internationally valid certificates.

Together with our experienced design teams, we anticipate the potential needs of our customers and implement product development solutions. We carefully manage all processes from the design process to the delivery of the products to our customers.

Oeko-Tex® 100

The Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard is a worldwide standard testing and certification system for raw materials, intermediate and end products in all processing stages of textile products, and harmful substance tests are officially banned and restricted by instructions, namely hazardous chemicals and priority health. It covers the parameters related to the measures. The higher the skin contact rate of a product, the more difficult it is to meet the criteria for human ecology. Certification according to the Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard offers a number of advantages to textile and apparel companies that want to provide health-free products to their customers.

Öztek Etiket A.Ş. Ş., we carry out all our productions within the scope of Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard.